What to Do If the Dealership Lied to You

dealership lied

If your car dealership lied to you about the condition of the car you purchased, our auto fraud attorneys can sue to get you your money back, return the car to the dealership and get out of contract, and keep your car but make the dealer pay for damages and repairs. There are a number of different things that a dealer can lie about to you, which makes it nearly impossible to anticipate all of them. Here are few dealership lies that you should watch out for.

1. “The Car is in Perfect Condition” – Lying About Car Accident

Great! A car with no accidents and a clean record – just what you were looking for! Don’t take the dealers word when they tell you that a used car is in perfect condition. A car can look fine from the exterior, but there may be hidden frame damage from previous accidents under the hood. Always ask to see a CarFax report showing the vehicles history when buying a used car. While the reports don’t always show accidents if they went unreported, but many future headaches can be prevented by saying “Show me the carfax!”

2. “We’ll Fix All the Issues Before You Pick It Up Tomorrow” – Lying About Fixing Car

Some buyers find small issues with the car that don’t prevent them from making the purchase – but they do request that the issues are fixed before they drive it off the lot. A touch up on the paint job, replacing small missing parts or doing a full tune-up are all regularly requested of dealerships, but that doesn’t mean they actually make the changes for the buyer. Make sure that they actually made the fixes / repairs before driving off the car home!

3. “Oh, that Engine Noise? – Don’t Worry About It” – Lying About Car Condition

It’s easy for a dealership to turn off the Check Engine light during the sales process. We receive calls from buyers every day that have used car engine problems almost immediately after leaving the dealership. If you aren’t confident in the car’s condition, you may want to have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. When a dealership lies about the condition of a car, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs – or even more if you have to buy ANOTHER car.

Dealership Lied About Your Car? Get Free Legal Advice

You might not need an auto fraud attorney if the dealership lied to you. Often times, you can resolve Auto Fraud type issues by simply speaking to the dealership manager. Then again, dealerships that are willing to lie to their customers aren’t always to quick to make good on the contract they signed. Our Auto Fraud Attorneys can help you get the results you deserve if the dealership doesn’t respond how they should.

We offer free legal consultation for anyone who feels they may have been lied to by the dealership. Call us today to speak with an attorney who can help you get results.

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