What To Do If a Car Dealer Scammed Me

car dealer scams

Since car sales continue to increase each year, more car dealer scams keep happening. These car dealers are doing everything they can to maximize their profit on every sale. There are many used car dealer scams to watch out for and fraud tactics used by car dealers to increase profit.

Common Car Dealer Scams When Buying a Used Car

Dealer Scams When Buying a Car

One of the most common auto dealer scams when buying a car are the ones where the dealership covers up or hides the defects of the vehicle using some quick fixes to make the car appear to run smoothly. However, it won’t be long before the real problems arise and it can be too late for the car buyer to discover that the car is defective. Hidden car defects will not only cost you additional money for the repair, but it can prove to be dangerous and may lead to accidents. If your car breaks down close in time to the date of purchase, a claim for dealer fraud can be difficult to prove if the vehicle was sold “as is”.

Some car dealer scams trick the car buyer into thinking that they have a bad credit score. These car dealer financing scams manipulated the buyer into thinking that the high-interest rate through the dealership is a better deal.

If you are quoted a different price then the one on the contract, you may be getting scammed. It is important that you read everything in the fine print before signing the contract. That is why it is so important to have everything checked and tested before you finalize the sale.

How to Avoid Car Dealer Scams

Car buyers should be aware of how to avoid car dealer scams when purchasing a vehicle from a used car dealer. One way is to get a full history of the vehicle including previous repairs and accidents; ask for a Car Fax or Auto Check. Contacting the previous owner of the vehicle can also be helpful, if possible. Having the vehicle checked by a trusted and honest auto mechanic will help you make a better decision regarding the true condition of the car and can help avoid car dealer service scams.

It is also important to read the contract very carefully and make sure that the price of the car is not more than what was advertised and the down payments are in the contract as well as the trade in price for any trade-in vehicle.

If the price you are quoted is different then the price on the contract, the dealer may be pulling a bait and switch scam. You want to make sure that the cost of the car that the salesmen quoted you is the same on the final contract.

How to Take Action If a Car Dealer Scammed Me

If you have recently bought a used car and discovered some defects or irregularities in your contract, it is best to call us for legal advice. Our team of car lawyers can help you win your case against car dealer tricks and scams. We sue the dealer when we identify auto fraud claims.

We handle auto fraud cases on a contingency fee basis, which means very low upfront cost required from you to file the case. Give us a call, (818) 254-8413. The call is free and your case may be valuable!

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