What is Pre-Litigation Preparation and How We Can Help You?

If you choose to litigate against your lender, you CANNOT go into it empty-handed. Consumer Action Law Group can help you build a powerful suite of evidence.

CALGroup will examine your mortgage documents, in search of evidence of possible excessive fees and charges by the Lender, deceptive predatory lending practices, and/or other fraudulent, abusive mortgage related issues. We particularly look for violations of Truth in Lending Act (“TILA”) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”). These are guidelines mortgage companies must follow when originating loans.

CALGroup may also determine whether or not your lender even has the right to collect payments from you. Our mortgage attorney will identify the note holder and the specific investment vehicles into which your loan was securitized, as well as perform a thorough examination and search of public records to obtain evidence of fraud or unauthorized transfers and assignments of property.

Nearly every residential mortgage loan has violations that can be used as leverage in working out a solution with your lender, or as a key piece of evidence in litigation.

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