Mortgage Attorney That Sue Mortgage Lenders and Banks

There is no such thing as a loan modification attorney. State laws make it illegal for any company to charge homeowners for loan modifications, as the final approval or denial can only be issued by your lender. Your mortgage company is under no obligation to even consider you for a loan modification if they so choose. All of this may sound like bad news, and perhaps NOT what you were looking to hear – but you have in fact found the right law firm.

We are experience mortgage lawyers, many of our clients end up with the new loan terms they were trying for by hiring our firm. Our primary area of practice is mortgage litigation – our attorneys sue lenders for homeowners. While millions of Americans are living with a predatory loan, they typically do not contact an attorney until they fall behind on payments or are facing foreclosure.

Often times, our clients first pick up the phone after being denied for a loan modification. In many cases, the loan modification is more about allowing the homeowner to catch up and get out of default, while in others it’s more important to have the monthly payment amount reduced. Our mortgage litigation attorneys work with clients to achieve realistic goals through a lawsuit.

Is a Lawsuit Really Necessary?

If you’re goal is to keep your home and make affordable payments, filing a lawsuit against your lender may be the only option. Once mortgage companies start adding fees and penalties to missed payments, catching up on the prearrange amount becomes nearly impossible for most. Our mortgage attorneys have been able to help homeowners get the loan modification terms they deserve through suing lenders for predatory lending violations.

Another possible outcome of mortgage litigation besides receiving a loan modification offer, is the potential of a principal reduction on the balance of your loan. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated terms of principal balance reductions on behalf of financially distressed homeowners in California.

Take the First Step

The first step is to call our office for your free legal consultation. Our mortgage loan attorneys will review your loan modification requests and history with your lender to look for opportunities where we can help you achieve your goals through legal means. The goal of the consultation is to provide you with a clear outline of what services we can offer, how much those services will cost and what you can realistically expect as an outcome.

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