Stop Foreclosure Evictions

Mortgage companies are required to issue certain documents during every stage of the foreclosure process to homeowners at risk of losing their home. Between receiving the Notice of Default to the Notice of Trustee Sale, many homeowners fight back in an effort to stop the bank from foreclosing on their home. Unfortunately, some lenders don’t follow the strict laws and procedures when it comes to notifying homeowners – and many are only receiving the last notification when it’s too late – the Three Day Notice to Quit.

The Three Day Notice to Quit is also known as an Eviction Notice. The document tells the homeowner that the property has been sold at auction during the foreclosure, and that they have 72 hours to vacate the property. If the homeowner has not received the previous foreclosure notices, the Three Day Notice to Quit comes as a surprise. When this occurs, it’s best for the homeowner to hire an attorney that can stop the foreclosure eviction fast.

Hiring a foreclosure attorney for a Three Day Notice to Quit may be the best decision that some homeowners have ever made. Going through the hassle of finding a new place, packing, moving and getting settled in elsewhere when the bank didn’t follow the legal foreclosure process, simply should not have to happen. A Three Day Notice to Quit Attorney can save you time, money and stress – but you’ll need to act very quickly.

Can We Really Stop the Eviction?

A 3 Day Notice to Quit really does not give someone enough time to take care of all the details needed to make a move. It also doesn’t give an attorney much time to stop the eviction, but it can still be done. Our firm has been able to three day notice to quit evictions for clients who have already lost the home to foreclosure in the state of California, and can help you too.

The key is to take action now. Don’t delay, call us 818-254-8413 now to speak with an attorney that will provide a free consultation to learn about your legal situation. If there are legal means to stop the eviction, we will help you take action immediately to save the home.

Stay in the Home for Good

Our foreclosure attorneys work to keep you in the home for good – not just postpone the eviction process longer. If you need an Attorney for a Three Day Notice to Quit, please call us today so that we can help you. Our law firm is located in the city of Los Angeles, California but we have helped homeowners throughout the state.

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