Salvage Title Car Attorney

A salvage title is given to a car that is deemed to be a complete loss by an insurance company due to damage. In many cases, these cars can still be put back together with junk yard pieces and drive relatively normally for short periods of time, but in the long run are often unreliable and unsafe. Unfortunately, many salvage title cars are still available on used car lots in Los Angeles and the rest of California.

Unfortunately, cars with salvage titles are still being sold to consumers who are none the wiser about the status on their vehicle. If the dealership is selling you a used car with a salvage title, they must by law, disclose this information and have you sign documents acknowledging the status. Used car dealers live up the stereotypes, but consumers now have options to fight back.

Auto Fraud Attorneys in Los Angeles can help if you have been sold a car with a salvage title from a dealership in California. Our goal is to get you into a safe vehicle that you can rely on to get you from point A to point B without any worries. Pre-owned cars can often provide a better deal at a lower price than a new vehicle, but only if the car you buy is properly represented by the dealership.

Auto Fraud at It’s Worst

The legal practice area of Auto Fraud covers a wide range of violations. From odometer fraud to bait & switch tactics, there are many ways that you can be scammed by the used car dealer – but an undisclosed salvage title could potentially put the driver in serious danger.

The goal of any attorney in any case, including Auto Fraud, is to make the client whole again. In most cases, the goal our of auto fraud lawyers is to get the dealer to take the car back, and give the client back the money they invested into the vehicle – allowing them to purchase another automobile that is properly represented.

Are You Driving A Salvage Title Car?

If you even THINK that you may be driving around in a salvage title car, you need to call us today for a free consultation. Your safety is the most important thing. We will get you on the phone with an attorney today who will review your situation, documents and determine if we can accept your case. Don’t delay! Time is of the essence in car fraud cases.

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