Postpone or Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date by Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

Falling behind on your mortgage payments causes stress, anxiety and can effect relationships with those that you share a home with. We understand that there is often much more at stake than simply losing your home to foreclosure. Many homeowners call our office looking for help to postpone their foreclosure sale date while they work to come up with the money needed to stay in the home. Postponement may be necessary, depending on what stage of the foreclosure process you’re in, but our real goal is to stop your foreclosure entirely.

Postponing foreclosure only really works if you are able to eventually stop the process all together, and get caught back up on payments. For many, this is a nearly impossible task because of the additional penalties and fees that mortgage companies add to your loan balance after missing payments. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars to postpone a foreclosure sale date if there is no hope of being able to keep the home for good. This is how our law firm approaches foreclosure defense and mortgage litigation cases.

If you need to stop a foreclosure sale date with little time, we have the right attorneys for the job. Our foreclosure attorney have been able cancel foreclosure sale dates for clients who are able to make reasonable monthly mortgage payments, even on little or short notice. With years of experience, the foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group know the specifics of the real estate laws, and have successfully sued every major mortgage company on behalf of our clients.

Do Not Settle For Second Best

You shouldn’t settle for simply having your foreclosure date postponed when the real goal is to stop the sale altogether. You also shouldn’t compromise by hiring a less experienced attorney when it comes to an investment as big as your house. Our firm has continued to grow overtime because we offer excellent communication with our clients, expert legal advice and the know-how needed to stop your foreclosure sale date once and for all.

We understand that this process can be overwhelming, so we will work closely with you to learn the details of your case, and take the legal action needed to get you the results you demand. In certain circumstances, we suggest that our clients file for bankruptcy to postpone a foreclosure sale date if there is not enough time to get results through a lawsuit right away. Once the sale date is postponed, we can sue the lender if they have committed any violations against the California Homeowners Bill of Rights and lending laws. We urge you to join our list of satisfied clients rather than lose your home to foreclosure.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Time is of the essence in these types of cases. While we have been able to get results for our clients with just days before their scheduled foreclosure sale, our foreclosure attorneys can offer more legal options given more time. Please call our office today to speak with a foreclosure defense attorney that can help you save your home.

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