Were You Owed Money from Foreclosure? Call us to Recover Surplus Fund

Many people don’t know that they may be owed money from foreclosure surplus fund after a foreclosure auction. In cases where the home sells at foreclosure auction for more than the homeowner owes on the mortgage, the original homeowner is entitled to the difference in the two amounts. Our foreclosure attorney have seen instances where the homeowner is owed as little as a five to ten thousand dollars, and as much as $200,000 or more. We can help you recover surplus funds from foreclosure sales in California quickly.

As with most situations surrounding the foreclosure process, you want to act quickly if you are owed money from foreclosure. The longer you wait to claim surplus funds after the date of the trustee sale, the more difficult the process becomes. By contacting an experienced attorney that knows how to handle surplus funds from foreclosure sales, you can be confident that you will get the money you are owed in a timely fashion.

We will work together with you to determine how much money you are owed and how long it will take to recover the surplus funds, so that you know what to expect right away. Our team of attorneys will handle all of the paperwork, court appearances and legwork that goes along with ensuring that you get the money you are owed from foreclosure. In many of the cases that we’ve seen, the amount of money owed in foreclosure surplus funds after foreclosure could be more than enough for a down payment on another property.

How to Get Started

Our firm has a friendly team from top to bottom that will help you from start to finish. All new homeowners receive a free consultation so that we can answer any questions about the process, our services and what they can expect when hiring our firm. In surplus fund cases, we accept new client on contingency, meaning that there is no upfront cost to you. We aren’t the bank – we don’t want to put anything in between you and the money you are owed from foreclosure.

Depending on the situation, we are often able to provide the free consultation during the first phone call from someone seeking to recover surplus funds. Yes, we can actually take care of all of this with one phone call if you have all of the appropriate paperwork that we need to verify the amount you are owed, and date of the sale. If we are able to move forward with your case, we can start working immediately on your behalf.

Call us Today

Get all of your questions about foreclosure surplus funds, and find out how you can get the money you’re owed from the trustee today. You always get straight through to a live person when calling our firm during normal business hours, and can help you starting now. Don’t have all your paperwork handy right now? That’s OK, we can still walk you through the process and let you know what you will need for us to get started working for you. 818-254-8413.

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