Overcharged by the Car Dealership?

Car Dealerships have to follow specific procedures and guidelines when selling a vehicle, be it new or used. It’s important that consumers have protection from companies that have the ability to overcharge them, especially when purchasing something as expensive as a car. While there are a variety of different ways that the law protects you against dealerships, one of the most important has to do with the price of the vehicle. A dealership cannot legally sell you a car for more than the advertised price.

Most used vehicles are advertised by dealerships online, and include the price in the ad. If the car is sold with the same exact features as were in the ad, then they must honor the advertised price of the vehicle. Seems simple and easy, yet dealerships overcharge consumers by thousands of dollars on a regular basis. But what can you do if an auto dealer overcharged you for a used car?

Auto fraud attorneys can help put the law on your side. If you have proof that the car was advertised online for one price, and then sold to you at a higher price, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to get a refund from the dealership. While we do suggest contacting the dealership first, they are rarely open to providing a fair refund based on the advertised price.

Get the Car for the Right Price

You deserve to buy the car for the price that was advertised – barring any add-ons at the time of purchase. Even if you didn’t see the ad prior to purchasing the vehicle, if it was posted before the date on your sales contract, you are entitled to the vehicle at that price. Most cars can be found by searching the dealership site, or doing a google search for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

If you do find an advertisement for your car online at a price that is lower than what you paid for it, save that page and print it out. The dealer may be able to remove the ad from sites, so getting a copy of the advertisement before they do so is essential to your case.

Can’t find the ad? That’s Ok, our team can help you search. Call us today and let us know why you think that you may have been overcharged for the car, and we’ll do our best to help you find the online advertisement showing that they were offering the vehicle for less.

Don’t Let the Dealer Make Excuses

Car salesmen know how to talk, and most will simply make excuses for why they overcharged you. Rather than spending your time going back and forth arguing with the dealership, our auto fraud attorneys will do that for you. Call us today to see if you have a case, and we’ll let you know what the next steps are.

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