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Homeowners have been victimized by scam after scam from the lending industry. From robo-signings to illegal foreclosures, the mortgage industry has done everything they can to stick their grubby fingers in the pockets of hardworking individuals. One of the worst scams that many fell victim to is called a mortgage securitization audit.

These financial audits were sold under the premise of helping homeowners find fraud within their mortgage lending documents, and potentially be able to qualify for a loan modification. Services popped up all over, claiming that they could help homeowners determine who really owns their loan, and look for errors or omissions that could benefit them in the long run. Most of these “mortgage audits” or “forensic document reviews” resulted in the homeowner simply being scammed out of even more money.

The documents that the securitization audit company would present often were simply publicly available documents with no legal merit, or didn’t turn up anything that they homeowner couldn’t find out themselves. Borrowers were no closer to getting a loan modification then they ever were before, and were often left scrambling for the next month’s mortgage payment.

Legal Help

Victims of fraudulent mortgage securitization audits may have legal options to help them recover the money they lost. Many times, these audits were performed when the homeowner was already facing foreclosure, and this process only pushed them closer to a sale date. If you are facing foreclosure, or lost your home to foreclosure after a securitization audit on your mortgage – you may have a winning case.

The last thing that our law firm wants to do is to bring on a client who doesn’t truly need our services. Our mortgage lawyer know how difficult life has been for those living in Southern California that have personal economic issues so we offers free legal consultations for homeowners who think that they may have a foreclosure lawsuit case to get a full understanding of the situation.

Consult with Our Mortgage Attorney

Our no hassle free consultations with a securitized mortgage attorney take less than an hour in most cases, and we’re able to determine if our firm should help you pursue legal action. Call us today to get started.

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