Eliminate Hospital Bills With Bankruptcy

An unexpected sickness or injury can quickly land someone in a large amount of debt. Uninsured patients can quickly rack up hospital bills that are far more than they could ever hope to pay back in a timely fashion. After being discharged from the hospital, the relief of being better turns to stress and harassment from bill collectors calling on debts that the patient simply cannot pay. While many people try to make monthly payments in hopes that their debt will slowly go away, others come to the realization that filing bankruptcy is the best way to handle their medical bills.

Filing for bankruptcy can eliminate the debt incurred from unexpected medical bills. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles have helped clients get back on their feet after a major medical expense by helping them correctly file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You shouldn’t have to let a medical emergency ruin your credit or cause additional stress that could eventually land you back in the hospital for other reasons.

There are major differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that you must understand before making the decision on how you want to file. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can wipe out your debt all together, where Chapter 13 will reorganize your payments into a plan that is affordable based on your income. Let’s run through a scenario…

Car Accident Leads to Major Medical Expenses

You’ve done nothing wrong, but were involved in a severe car accident that requires you to stay in the hospital for nearly a week due to your injuries. The bills to repair broken limbs and stitch your wounds are pricey, but not nearly as expensive as your hospital stay. Just a few days in the hospital could leave you with a six figure medical bill even though you have no way of paying it back.

Medical bills are the leading reason behind bankruptcy filings in the United States, and our Los Angels bankruptcy attorneys can help you eliminate your debt while protecting your assets. Struggling to make payments on medical bills for years without making much headway will only frustrate you further.

File Bankruptcy to Eliminate Hospital Bills

You can file bankruptcy to eliminate or reorganize the expenses incurred from your stay in the hospital and professional care. If you want to schedule a free legal consultation with a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney to find out what options are available in your situation, please call us immediately. Our friendly staff will listen to your story, and determine what the best next step is for you.

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