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Foreclosures are the ugly part of the real estate cycle that almost everyone tries to avoid. Sure, some homeowners get behind and plan a strategic foreclosure that will cost them the least amount of money and keep their credit score high enough to still obtain a loan – but most try to avoid it at all costs. Our firm has Los Angeles real estate foreclosure attorneys that help Californian’s save their homes.

While the real estate market is clearly on the rise in Southern California, there are still plenty of homeowners who are struggling through their own economic difficulties. Foreclosure rates dropped sharply during 2013, but there are still thousands facing the possibility of losing their home each month. Hiring a foreclosure attorney who knows the real estate market that can stop foreclosure is often the only option people have to keep their property from being sold at auction.

The foreclosure defense strategy that our attorneys use varies, as we customize a plan for each client that hires our firm. We understand that each homeowner has a different background and history with their lender that requires personalized attention to develop a strategic defense against foreclosure. It’s the attention to detail that we provide that has made us among the best real estate foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles.

Real Estate Attorney Fees

We aren’t one of those firms that has a whole bunch of hidden fees – we’re very open with our clients about what our real estate attorney services cost. Trying to stop a foreclosure through mortgage litigation, or even by filing bankruptcy can be costly, especially depending on how much time you have to file. We are more than willing to work with our clients to find a payment schedule that works for both parties, but we are by no means “cheap attorneys.”

While we may not have cheap attorney fee, neither are our services. Our goal is to leave you in a much better place than if you haven’t hired us for your foreclosure defense needs. The value comes from the fact that we are able to save peoples homes, and get them back on track with monthly payments (when applicable). Our services have saved our clients millions of dollars in real estate value, and long term equity.

Denied to Get a Loan Modification?

Many smart homeowners that are facing foreclosure submit paperwork to their lender in hopes of being given a loan modification that will lower their monthly payment amount by hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Most mortgage companies deny loan modifications for a variety of reasons, many of which are never disclosed to homeowners.

If you have already been denied for a loan modification, and are now seeking a real estate attorney who can help stop your foreclosure, our foreclosure lawyer can help you. We will offer you a free legal consultation that outlines your rights, options, fees, and what you can expect as an outcome after hiring our firm.

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