Foreclosure Defense Attorney to Stop the Foreclosure Process

The foreclosure process is typically long, confusing and frustrating for homeowners. Empty promises and false hopes from your lender make it difficult to determine where you can actually turn for unbiased help in saving your home. Once communication breaks down with the lender, many homeowners turn to foreclosure mediators to help move the process along in a civil manner. Unfortunately, foreclosure mediators don’t have the legal knowledge or power needed to actually get the results that you’re after.

While a foreclosure mediator may be able to help you iron out some of the smaller details of your loan situation, the heavy lifting is still done in the courtroom. Individuals that represent themselves in mortgage litigation cases against companies like Nationstar, Ocwen and Bank of America often are unable to complete the process by themselves. This isn’t because they don’t have a strong case – but simply because of the procedural requirements in the court systems. Our foreclosure attorneys handle the entire mortgage litigation process on our clients behalf, and are able to get the best possible results in many cases.

A stop foreclosure service is probably not what you really need. Our firm offers free legal consultations where you can ask questions, have your documents reviewed by a foreclosure lawyer, and we can tell you whether or not we think you have a strong case – and a fighting chance to save the property from foreclosure.

What Can a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Do?

A foreclosure defense attorney may be able to help you save your home, or simply avoid foreclosure. The legal options that our firm presents to you may not be a viable option for another homeowner, and vice versa. Our team of experienced foreclosure lawyers have constructed effective foreclosure defense strategies and successfully won cases on behalf of many clients in Los Angeles and across California. While financial experts are saying that the foreclosure crisis is past, anyone that is personally threatened by the potential of losing their home knows that the problem still exists.

Skipping mediation and taking legal action is the course that we recommend for most clients with strong predatory lending claims against their mortgage company. While our firm is located in Los Angeles, we’ve helped homeowners from across the state of California – many of whom believed that they’re property was beyond hope. Even if you have already received a Notice of Default, or Notice of Trustee Sale, our foreclosure attorney may be able to help you save your home.

Get Foreclosure Legal Help

If you’re ready to take the steps to save your property, or enter into a short sale before the bank forecloses you need to call our office today. We will take the time to review your case and help you determine what your next steps should be.

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