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California was one of the hardest hit states during the housing collapse of the late 2000’s, and many homeowners are still struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments on time. Missing just one mortgage payment can force a homeowner into a financial downturn, making it even more difficult to catch up on bills due to late fees and penalties. Thankfully, there are now more laws to protect homeowners from losing their home in California than ever before. These laws and statues are meant to protect consumers, but can be very difficult to decipher without the expertise of a Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorney.

California’s new Homeowners Bill of Rights provides additional protection to homeowners who have fallen behind on payments, are trying to get a loan modification or are facing foreclosure. Many look for legal help from lawyers in the area, but many can’t find satisfaction when dealing with a law firm that doesn’t focus on foreclosure defense. There are few Los Angeles foreclosure attorneys who have the means to help you fight your mortgage company and save your home as Consumer Action Law Group can.

Our team of Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorneys have helped hundreds of clients save their home from being sold at auction. In many cases, we’ve had to file lawsuits against the client’s mortgage company due to illegal lending practices in which the homeowner wasn’t given a fair chance to make payments and get caught up on their bills. Our track record has proven that our attorneys have the ability to stop foreclosure for our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Ways to Stop Foreclosure

While there are a number of similar methods that our attorneys use to stop foreclosure, we understand that each situation is unique and requires personal attention with a customized plan of attack. Some ways to stop foreclosure include bankruptcy and mortgage litigation, both of which are methods used by our attorneys on a regular basis. Filing for bankruptcy will instantly stop your foreclosure sale date, and can even restructure your payments to make your mortgage payments affordable once again.

Mortgage Litigation is used when our lawyers actually have to file a lawsuit against your lender in order to get the results you deserve. Predatory lending practices such as robo-signing, dual tracking, and denying you the right to have a single point of contact during the loan modification process are all illegal under Senate Bill 900 in the state of California. These new laws provide ways to stop foreclosure that previously weren’t available for homeowners in need of help.

Based in Los Angeles, Serving All of California

While our law office is in Los Angeles, our foreclosure attorneys serve homeowners from all over the state. Foreclosure laws vary by state, but not by county. Our foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles have been able to help struggling homeowners across California, while providing the best legal advice available. If you are behind on mortgage payments, and facing foreclosure, please call today for a free consultation with one of ou bankrutpcyr attorneys. We will look into your specific situation, determine what options are available to stop your foreclosure, and let you know what steps we need to take in order to save your home. Time is of the essence, so don’t hesitate, and contact our attorneys today for foreclosure help.

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