Attorney for Lithium Ion Battery Lawsuits

Our Los Angeles Law Firm has been handling consumer cases for years. Most of our practice has been based on helping consumers with predatory lenders and debt issues, but we’ve recently found more of a need from consumers that have been harmed by a product. While our attorneys are well equipped to handle a variety of different types of product liability cases, we have found a growing need to protect consumers from lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are often found on popular laptops, and many have heated to the point of combustion, causing large fires and damage.

Our attorneys have filed lawsuits for lithium ion battery product liability cases where fire has resulted. Situations like these are becoming far too common, and many manufacturers are still refusing to stop using the dangerous batteries in their products. These batteries are heating to the point of being able to catch, or set other nearby objects on fire. Not only can lithium ion battery fires cause extreme damage to property, but people have the potential to be seriously injured or die.

In cases like these, several parties are often named in the lawsuit. The lithium ion battery manufacturer, as well as the product manufacturer (if different) can both be held liable if they may have been aware of the issue, or could have easily prevented the problem. Our attorneys represent consumers in lithium ion battery product liability cases throughout California, and are seeing more instances of these situations.

How to Tell if Your Battery Is Defective

Defective Lithium Ion Batteries have potential to cause large fires resulting in property damage and personal injury. While most consumers are interested in preventing this problem, it can be difficult to determine if you have a defective battery before it explodes or catches fire – causing damage. We do recommend carefully checking the temperature of your battery, but suggest using caution if you think that the item may be hot to the touch and burn skin.

If your lithium ion battery has caused damage to your property, or worse, to you – we suggest contacting an attorney today. You may have a case against the battery manufacturer, and we can help you get proper compensation for your damages and their negligence. Most cases like these never make it to a court room with a jury deciding the fate, as most are settled out outside of court favorably for the consumer.

Getting Compensated

Our product liability attorneys offer free legal consultations over the phone and in person. Call us today to discuss your situation, and find out what legal options you have. We may need to see some documents to make a final determination, but our goal is to tell you if you should file a lawsuit over your lithium ion battery problem, and give you reasonable expectations of how you can expect the situation to end. Call us today.

Attorney for Lithium Ion Battery Lawsuits
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