Including Your Pet In Your Will

Can you leave it all to your pet in an Estate Plan? If you want to include a pet in your will, there are plenty of estate attorneys in Los Angeles and California that can help you do so. We understand the importance of making sure that your loved pet is taken care of after you pass. Whether you are concerned because your dog has special medical needs and requires specific medicine, or you own a Macaw that has a lifespan of more than 50 years, we know that the companionship they’ve provided is deserving of you insuring their well being. Regardless of the type of pet, we can help you establish a will or estate plan that protects every type of family member.

There are some special conditions that you must consider when establishing an estate plan for your pet in California. Finding the right attorney for an estate plan that will protect your dog, cat or other household pet is very important. The process of establishing this type of plan is a bit different than the traditional method, an provides a wide variety of potential options for you to consider. Having a legal expert on your side, rather than someone who has never dealt with a pet trust, is something that you should consider.

You will also want to consider what you should expect your pet to need once you are unable to care for him or her. Based on the pet’s age and potential lifespan, an attorney can help you determine how much should be left to them. Make sure to consider health care factors, and have an idea of who you want to care for the animal once you cannot.

Other Factors to Consider

Your estate and assets may be worth far more than what your pet will need. While we do suggest leaving as much as you deem appropriate to make sure that your pet is in the very best care possible, our firm also handles traditional estate plans as well. Most times, those who are leaving assets to their pets also include other family members, specifically spouses and children, into their comprehensive estate plan. Our firm can help you create a full plan that will establish exactly what you want to happen with your most important assets once the time is right.

If you already have a will or trust in place that designates family members and loved ones as heirs, you can still add your pet to the plan. Our job is to make sure that you know exactly what you are assigning in your estate plan, and we make sure that you fully understand all documents before signing anything. The California estate planning attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group always put your interests first.

Establish an Estate Plan for Your Pet

Do you have specific questions about how you can establish an estate plan for your pet? Or are you simply looking for a trusted estate attorney in California that can help you with wills or trust for pets? Either way, our law firm can help you get started with just one phone call. Call our firm today and we will get you on the phone with an attorney who can review your current situation immediately. Of course, we can set an in person consultation for you or your loved ones as well. We look forward to working with you.

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