What to Do if Used Car Dealerships Sale You A Frame Damage Car

Frame damage on purchased vehicle can cause lots of other issues that will cost the owner thousands of dollars in repair bills over the course of the car’s lifetime. From driving performance issues, to strut and suspension problems, frame damage on a used car can cause major headaches. Unfortunately, many people buy used cars from dealerships without knowing that the vehicle has frame damage. How can you determine if the used car dealers sold you a frame damage car?

How to Tell if a Car Has Frame Damage

How to Tell if a Car Has Frame DamageThe best way to find out if your newly purchased used car has frame damage is to take it in to be inspected by an auto repair, or body shop. These experts will be able to take off any car parts needed to determine if the issues that you are experiencing that made you suspicious are actually caused by frame damage.
Frame damage is typically caused by a previous accident. If this damage was properly reported, the car will probably have a salvage title, making it apparent to the new owner that the car is not in top working condition. If frame damage is unreported by the dealer, the individual purchasing the used car may never know about the accident or frame damage.

What to Do if You Find out Your Vehicle Has Frame Damage

If you find out that the used car you recently purchased from an auto dealer has unreported frame damage, you need to have it looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible. Since frame damage often negatively effects the performance and wear and tear on a car, the first step is to make sure that you’re safe behind the wheel.

If it is determined that the vehicle has frame damage, you should seek legal advice from a trusted auto fraud attorney as soon as possible. You deserve to drive the car you expected to receive from the dealer. Many smart car owners sue the dealer for failing to provide the frame damage information at the time of purchase.

Attorneys that Sue Car Dealers for Selling Frame Damage Cars

If the car dealer sold you a used car with frame damage, and you were not disclose by the car dealer or warn you about the problems before making the purchase, you may be a victim of auto fraud.

Our auto fraud attorneys can help you sue the dealership for selling you a frame damage car without disclosure. If your goal is to return the frame damage car back to the car dealer and get your money back or have the car dealer pay for your damage, talk to our auto attorney for immediate help.

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