Lemon Law Buy Back Program

Auto Dealerships are required to buy back any car that is deemed to be a “lemon,” by California laws. There are strict guidelines to determine what makes a car a lemon, and once a car is given this title, it can never be revoked – regardless of how many repairs are made. Dealers can still sell used cars that were part of the Lemon Law Buy Back program, but they must disclose this information to any potential buyer.

Cars that are returned to the dealer under the lemon law buy back stipulations are worth less money because they are subject to constant repairs, and potentially dangerous. When a dealer re-sells the used vehicle, the buyer must sign paperwork acknowledging the history of the car. If the dealer does not provide any documentation stating that the car is a Lemon Law Buy Back, the contract is no longer legal, and the buyer may sue the dealership for auto fraud.

In most cases, dealerships are upfront about the history and condition of the used vehicles for sale on their lot, but not always. Experienced car buyers now always ask for a copy of the carfax or autocheck vehicle history reports from the dealer to make sure that the car is properly being represented by the dealer. Buyer beware – if the dealership didn’t offer you a carfax report, they may be trying to hide something.

How to Fix the Situation

The first thing that you can do if you found out that a used car dealer sold you a lemon law buy back is simply to call them – ask for the contract to be cancelled and for all money to be returned. Many times, you can get results using this simple approach. Not surprisingly though, most people have to hire an auto fraud lawyer. Dealers who commit auto fraud by selling used lemons aren’t always the most upstanding citizens in California.

If you have already called the dealership, and they will not agree to cancel the contract, it’s time to hire legal help. Our firm focuses on helping consumers sue dealerships that have committed fraud. All cases are taken on a contingency basis, and we consistently win auto fraud cases on behalf of our clients.

Sue the Dealership

Nobody wants to have to sue someone else or a company for wrongdoing – but in some cases it is necessary to get the results you deserve. We help our clients sue the dealership for auto fraud in order to undo the deal. We offer free legal consultations via phone and in person, so call today and tell us about your situation with the dealership.

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