Car Dealer Sold a Frame Damage Car – What Is My Legal Options?

Frame damage on a used vehicle can be extremely dangerous, and used car dealerships are required to tell you the issue before you make the purchase. Unfortunately, salesmen “forget” to disclose information about the frame damage to consumers during the buying process far too often. Failure to disclose frame damage on a used vehicle is illegal and dangerous.

The problem is that frame damage can never be fully repaired. While auto body shops can do their best to restore the damaged section of the car, and even make it look perfect from the outside – the frame will always be damaged to some extent. Why can’t the frame be fully repaired?

Imagine a metal soda can being crushed under the weight of your foot. At first, even an empty can can be difficult to crush because it is still structurally sound. But once you are able to crush the can, even so slightly under your foot, the remainder collapses easily. While you may be able to pull the can back to it’s original shape, you can now crush it with very little effort since it has been damaged. Vehicle frames work the same way.

Don’t Let Them Compromise Your Safety

Car manufactures build “weak” spots in vehicle frames so that the car “gives” during an impact, keeping the driver safe. These safety mechanisms can be ruined once the vehicle has been damaged, causing even more problems. Frame damage can lead to airbag failure when the sensors are no longer working properly. A minor accident in a car without frame damage could be a major one in a car with frame damage.

Keep in mind, if your recently purchased used vehicle was in an accident so violent that it damaged the frame, that other mechanical elements may be damaged as well. Cars with frame damage often have a host of other issues, such as alignment issues or even engine problems.

Find Out if Your Used Car Has Frame Damage Today

Our California auto fraud atorneys help consumers like you that have been sold a car with undisclosed frame damage. When you call our office today, we will offer a free legal consultation, and we’ll even run your VIN number to find out if there is any frame damage reported on your title.

Our car dealership lawyers will review all your documentation to determine if you have a case to sue the dealership. If you have a strong case, we are willing to accept your case on contingency, which means very little is required from you to file the case.. If you think you were sold a used car with frame damage, call our auto fraud attorneys now.

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