Foreclosure Defense Strategies for California Resident

It’s Super Bowl weekend, so we wanted to bring you another post using football analogies that relate to the foreclosure defense strategies available to Californians. Cheesy? No more so than those game-day nachos! The truth is that a strong defense strategy works for both foreclosure and football, and with how complicated the laws can be, analogies are a great way for attorneys to explain situations to clients.

NFL Coaches spend hours upon hours studying the offense of their opponent, and develop a custom strategy for every game based on their opponents strengths and weaknesses. Our foreclosure attorneys can do the same because we have filed lawsuits against every major lender, and are familiar with their legal team and tactics. We aren’t the “rookie” coaches anymore, as we’ve been fighting foreclosures for our California clients for years.

Just as in the Superbowl this weekend, our team does everything possible to get the best positioning. The defensive strategy changes based on your field position in football, and in foreclosure defense, this directly equates to the amount of time until your scheduled foreclosure auction date. With more time, or better field positioning a defense has more options to stop the opponent from completing their goal of scoring or foreclosing.

Foreclosure Defense & Football Are Not That Different

A good defensive strategy includes a host of backup plans depending on how the other team performs. Some foreclosure defense attorneys are only able to offer one, maybe two backup plans. Our firm works with each individual to create a custom strategy that allows us to stop the foreclosure process from moving forward, even if they have already taken some action. Just because you give up one first down, doesn’t mean that you have to lose the game.

Every good coach will tell their team to fight until the very end, because the game isn’t over until the final play is run. Our foreclosure attorney will tell you the same. Even if you are seemingly up against the wall and going to lose your home to foreclosure, there may be a last minute, hail-mary attempt that we can take to save your property. Your home is worth fighting for.

Develop Your Strategy with our Foreclosure Attorney Today

Take some time out of your Superbowl weekend to call our firm and schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with an experienced foreclosure lawyer. Our foreclosure defense team has been able to stop foreclosures for 100’s of Californians, and we will fight for you as well.

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