Foreclosure Attorney Can Stop Foreclosure Immediately

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Every day homeowners call our firm to ask our lawyers: can you stop foreclosure? The answer is a definite yes. Our mortgage foreclosure attorney can stop a foreclosure sale and a notice of trustee sale, in most cases, within 1 hour. When a homeowner calls and talks to a foreclosure lawyer at Consumer Action Law Group, that lawyer is trained and dedicated to preventing foreclosure and has a documented record of success in all methods of avoiding foreclosure and applying the most successful option to stop a foreclosure sale.

There are 2 common legal options that can prevent a foreclosure. These options include either filing a lawsuit [foreclosure litigation], or filing a bankruptcy. The best legal strategy to stop a foreclosure depends on your personal situation and is best carried out by a successful foreclosure attorney with a strong track record of stopping foreclosure and saving homes.

A homeowner can sue their lender if they illegally issue a notice of trustee sale or initiate a foreclosure sale in violation of the California foreclosure laws. In many cases, lenders do not comply with the California laws that protect a homeowner from an illegal foreclosure. An experienced foreclosure lawyer can immediately determine if the lender has violated the law and if it is possible to file a lawsuit to stop foreclosure proceedings.

Bankruptcy is also a very effective legal strategy for stopping a foreclosure proceeding immediately. An experienced foreclosure attorney can file the case to stop a sale the same day. In many instances, bankruptcy allows individuals to restructure debts, get debt relief, stop foreclosure sales, and keep the home.

A loan modification is a negotiated agreement to change the monthly payment you make, the length of the loan, and the interest rates the loan charges. This type of negotiation does not require a foreclosure lawyer. When it is impossible to continue making payments on a property, a short sale is another way to avoid foreclosure. The lender must agree to sell the property for the current value. This usually results in avoiding a claim from the lender later, and may result in making money from the sale depending on whether there is equity in the property.

A deed in lieu of foreclosure can also prevent a foreclosure and possibly keep a foreclosure from affecting long term credit rating and a borrower’s ability to buy another home.

Foreclosure is a complicated and emotionally draining process. If you are have received a notice of foreclosure, notice of default, or notice of trustee sale, you should pick up the phone and talk to a foreclosure lawyer at Consumer Action Law Group. Their lawyers are trained and dedicated to preventing foreclosure, with a documented record of success in all methods of stopping foreclosure and saving homes. Call our foreclosure attorney today. We offer free legal advice on the first call, and we can stop your sale right away and save your home. Call (818) 254-8413.

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