Foreclosure Attorney That Stop Sale Date in Los Angeles and Orange County

Dealing with foreclosure on your own, without legal representation, can be an extremely overwhelming, complicated and confusing process. The lenders and their lawyers are very aggressive during foreclosure proceedings, and the cards are stacked against you as a homeowner. With the assistance of our foreclosure attorney Los Angeles office, fraud that lead to the foreclosure process is often revealed.

Our real estate lawyer Orange County can potentially stop the sale of your home and challenge the foreclosure. We may also be able to negotiate a reduction of the rate of interest or the principal on the mortgage loan. In some cases, bankruptcy may be the best method to halt foreclosure and this can be handled by our attorneys as well. Speak with our Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer to see if filing bankruptcy is the best choice for you.

When it comes to foreclosure, time is a crucial element. As time passes by it becomes much more difficult to file a lawsuit and maintain your position. If you are facing foreclosure, speedy contact with an orange county real estate attorney is essential to protect your home as well as your rights.

Non-Judicial and Judicial Foreclosure

A Non Judicial foreclosure will allow your lender to seize your home without engaging in court proceedings. You will be issued with a notice of default. You then have the option to pay off the amount outstanding within a fixed period of time. If you fail to pay, the home can be sold by the lender.

A Judicial foreclosure refers to your lender suing you to repossess your home and pay off the full debt. Judicial foreclosures are rare because they are lengthy and could overwhelm the courts. If you are facing foreclosure, we are ready to fight aggressively against your lender to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

At our law firm, we have many years of experience in the trenches fighting for our clients to save their homes from mortgage foreclosure. Lenders intentionally create an atmosphere of fear and worry so that they may run over you and take your home. In the eyes of our foreclosure attorney California is a very consumer-oriented state with very protective laws to stop wrongful foreclosure. Give us a call, visit our offices or email and we stop your foreclosure today.

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