What to Do When The Car Dealer Sold a Car With Engine Problems

When you buy a used car from a dealership, you trust that the vehicle is still going to run properly for a while. Sure, it has a previous owner or two, the mileage is a bit higher than you wanted, but the dealership claimed to have done a full inspection and promised that the car you were buying was in great shape. Not long after you drive off the lot, the car has issues shaking at high speeds, feels like the transmission is slipping a bit and that you’re car is having engine problems.

It’s a scenario we hear all too often, and many times people don’t know that they may have legal options to get out of the bad deal. We all know that cars don’t last forever, but you have the right to reasonable expectations when it comes to your car’s performance. If you recently purchased a used car, and are already having engine problems, you may actually be a victim of Auto Fraud.

Much like lemon laws, Auto Fraud laws are in place to protect consumers from being scammed by dealerships. Not everyone is a car expert, and the majority of buyers have to take the dealers word that a car is in decent working condition when they make the purchase. There are California attorneys who practice auto fraud that can help you get the satisfaction you deserve.

Should You Sue the Dealer?

If you are having engine problems shortly after purchasing a used car, you may want to sue the dealership for Auto Fraud. If the dealer did not disclose anything to be wrong with the car before you signed the paperwork, you may be entitled to cancel the sales contract and receive a refund. As you can imagine, dealerships are reluctant to hand money back over after they have already finalized the deal.

While they may be reluctant, that doesn’t mean that they have the right to sell you a car with engine problems and wipe their hands of the situation. Our auto fraud attorneys can help you sue the dealership for engine problems you’re having.

Consult with Our Auto Fraud Attorneys

Sick of the engine problems? Call our Auto Fraud Attorneys today for a free consultation. Our goal is to help determine if you have a case, what options you have moving forward, and let you know what you can reasonably respect by suing the dealership for the engine problems. Most consultations only take 10 to 15 minutes, but we will spend as long as it takes to help fix your situation.

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