Double Charged by the Dealer?

Car salesmen have the power to add all sorts of additional fees to your sales contract, effectively making the price of your car much higher than what you anticipated based on the sticker price. Many of these additional charges are legal and justified, but there are some financing “tricks,” used by dealers that could cost you much more in the long run. Are you aware of how a backdated contract could result in you being double charged by the car dealer?

When a dealership is unable to get a client approved for financing, they call the client back and ask that they return the car or agree to new financing terms. During this process, many dealers backdate the new contract to make it line up with the other terms of the contract. By doing this, they have the dealer has an opportunity to double charge you for interest of the overlapping time period. Unfortunately, many dealers take this opportunity and commit auto fraud against their customers.

If you think that a dealership has double charged you, consulting with an auto fraud attorney is your best option. Not only are consultations free, but we can typically answer your questions after reviewing your documents. We understand how important it is to take care of the situation and help you get your money back from the car dealership for scamming you as fast as possible.

How Much Could It Cost You?

Is it really worth suing the car dealership for auto fraud over being double charged on your contract? Double charges could cost you a lot of money, and we often find multiple violations once we start looking into the documents from the dealer. Many violations go unnoticed without the help of legal research. When you call our firm, we will be requesting to see the documents from the dealership to determine how strong of a case you have.

Most of our clients start off by asking how much it will cost them to hire an attorney to sue the dealership. Our auto dealer fraud cases are all accepted on contingency fee basis, which means very little is required from you to file the case.. As you can imagine, we enjoy giving out this answer and our prospective clients do as well. The arrangement allows our clients to sue the dealer without risk.

Let’s Get Started

The sooner that you call our firm, the sooner we can get started looking into your case. We’ll take the time to listen to your scenario and review any documents, emails or conversations you’ve had with the dealer – and answer any specific questions that you have. We look forward to helping you.

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