Dealership Promised to Make Repairs

It’s a scenario that we hear all the time. A consumer finds a car that is ALMOST a perfect fit for the vehicle they wanted, but some repairs had to be made before the car was really ready for purchase. It could be something as small as repairing a side mirror, or as big as fixing used car engine problems. If the dealer promises to make repairs to a car before the purchase, but does not, you may be a victim of auto fraud.

The most important thing that you can do to protect yourself from dealership scams is to get everything in writing during the sales process. If a dealership promises to make repairs, get it in writing. If a salesman promises to give you a certain price, get it in writing. It can be nearly impossible to prove your case against a dealer in court without documentation, so the more than you can get, in writing, the better.

Many times, a dealer will promise to make repairs or fixes within a couple of days, so that the buyer can come back and pick up the vehicle when they are completed. In some cases, the new buyer drives the car off the lot, and finds out that repairs were not made as promised. A good dealer will apologize, and make good on their promise – but many will simply shrug off the complaint and state that it wasn’t in the contract.

Get What You Paid For

If the dealership did not make the repairs that they promised to, the car may not be worth as much as you paid for it. It makes sense that a car without a working radiator would be worth less than one with a working radiator, right? Our Auto Fraud Attorneys in Los Angeles can help you get the satisfaction that you deserved in the first place – at very little upfront cost to you.

Our lawyers sue car dealerships on behalf of clients that are victims of Auto Fraud so that you can get what you paid for. If the dealer didn’t follow through on their promises the first time around, they probably won’t be a pleasure to work with in the future either – so we help our clients return the car in exchange for all of the money they put in. This way, they can go to another dealership and purchase a car that is properly represented.

Do You Need to Sue the Dealer?

Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit is often the only way for consumer to get the results they deserve. It’s very rare for a case like this to ever make it to a court room, as the majority are settled relatively quickly because the dealer doesn’t want to pay an attorney to fight the fraud charges. Want to know more? Call us to day at 818-254-8413 and tell us about your situation. We offer free legal consultations, professional communication, and excellent results.

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