Dealer Sold a Leased Vehicle Without Disclosure

Leased cars don’t get beat up quite as bad as rentals vehicles do, but they still don’t receive the love and care that an actual owner would give it. For this reason, dealerships must disclose if a car was previously leased to anyone buying the vehicle. The wear and tear on a prior lease is typically much higher than you’d find on a non-leased car. Unfortunately, many of the problems from the excessive use might be hidden under the hood. For these reasons, a dealership cannot legally sell you a car without disclosing that it was used a lease in writing.

The problem is that most people don’t discover that their recently purchased used car was previously leased until it has some sort of issues. Often, they start having transmission issues or engine problems shortly after being purchased. Upon further inspection with trusted mechanics, and with the help of Vehicle History Reports, it can be very easy to find out that the car was leased.

The first step upon learning that a recently purchased used car was a lease is to contact the dealership, and determine if you can work out a deal that you’re both happy with. Most times, consumers simply want to trade the car back in for a refund, so that they can take their down payment elsewhere to get a car that is properly represented.

What Else Is Wrong With the Car?

Our auto fraud attorneys have found that one violation often leads to many others. The first thing you should do when you find out that the car was previously leased, is check for previous accidents that may have caused frame damage, and any other possible opportunities for misrepresentation. If they were willing to scam you once, they won’t be shy about doing it twice

The last thing you want to do is hold on to a car with more wear and tear than is actually accounted for. It may take a few months, even years, but over the life of the car, the wear and tear will catch up to the vehicle.

How to Really Get a Refund

Hiring an Auto Fraud Attorney may be your best hope to get money back from the dealer. Our Los Angeles based firm has helped drivers all throughout California sue the dealership for Auto Fraud, with successful results. Call our office today so that we can learn about your situation and begin working on a plan that fits your needs.

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