Can Car Dealer Sale Above Advertised Price?

Car dealership cannot legally sale above advertised price than what they advertised. Surprisingly, dealerships still sale above advertised price than what they originally advertised on a seemingly regular basis. Many will state that the listed price was simply an “accident,” or that the new, higher price is the only one that they even know of. Regardless of their excuse, they cannot sell you a car above advertised price.

When it is OK for Dealer to Sale Above Advertised Price?

If the customer asks for additional features to be added to the car, such as new rims, the price will increase, and the dealer is within their rights. Adding more features and accessories to the car will increase the price, and all of those add-ons should be included in your sales contract with the dealership as well.

You Paid Over the Advertised Price, Now What?

sale above advertised priceIf the dealership sold you a car above advertised price than what they advertised online (or elsewhere), you can sue the car dealer for auto fraud. Even after the car is sold, it’s often easy to find a copy of the advertisement by searching online by the VIN number of your vehicle. If you can find an ad with a price that is lower than what you paid to the dealer for the car, you may be able to file a lawsuit to get the difference back.

Sale Above Advertised Price Lawsuit cases are typically quick, and our firm has an excellent track record of being able to get our clients exactly what they deserve. While many people are first hesitant to seek legal action because they are afraid that it may cost them to file a lawsuit – they are quite revealed to hear that we accept our Auto Fraud cases on a contingency basis.

We Sue Car Dealers When They Sale Above Advertised Price

Lawyer for Car Dealer sale above advertised priceIf the dealership charged you above the advertised price than what was advertised, you can file a lawsuit for selling above advertised price to get your money back. Our Auto Fraud Attorneys know the ins and outs of the laws designed to protect consumers from dealership scams like this one. Talk to our auto dealer fraud attorneys today for immediate help. The consultation is FREE!

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