Breach of Contract: Should You Sue the Car Dealership?

Car contracts from dealerships are often confusing, include many clauses and in cases where they aren’t adhered to, you may have ground to sue the dealership. Before determining if you should sue the dealership for breach of contract, there are some important items to consider. Are you happy with the vehicle you are driving? Is your goal to return the vehicle and undo the deal, or are you looking for compensation for repair fees? There are a variety of different reasons that a dealership can be sued for breach of contract, and our auto fraud attorneys can answer all of your questions after learning the specifics of your situation.

Depending on how much the contract breach cost you, as the consumer, you may want to first approach the dealer, and see if they are willing to compensate you directly for their errors. Dealerships make mistakes on contracts all the time, but many are willing to fix them. Our auto attorneys are here to help people that have been scammed by a dealership that is unwilling to fix their contract issues.

Breach of Contract on a vehicle agreement could end up costing you thousands of dollars over the life of the car, so it’s important that you contact an attorney as soon as you discover the issue. Dealers that break their contracts often commit other types of auto fraud as well. For this reason, our auto fraud attorneys offer comprehensive consultations for free in order to get a complete overview of your interactions with the dealer.

What Else is Wrong with the Vehicle?

We’ve discovered that most of our auto fraud lawsuits that we take on are for a reason other than what the person initially contacts us about. For example, we get calls from people who have purchased cars from dealerships in California saying “help, my car was repossessed illegally!” – and when we dig into the case, we find out that the dealer sold them a frame damaged car without having the proper paperwork signed-off on. This is just one of many variations that we see, so don’t be surprised when our team asks questions about your interactions with the dealer OTHER than the breach of contract problem you may be calling for.

If a dealership has breached the contract that you agreed to, filing a lawsuit may be the only way to get what you’re rightfully due. Our attorneys will work to fight for your goals. Most people that call our firm aim to return the vehicle in exchange for a full refund. Not only have we been able to accomplish this for our clients, but the results we’re able to provide are often even better than they expected.

Don’t Call an Attorney Unless…

If you are serious about filing a lawsuit against a dealership for breach of contract in order to return the car and get your money back, then we want to hear from you. With little out of pocket expenses to our auto fraud clients at any point during the case, there is never any risk when working with our firm. Call us today to review your situation and determine what the are next best steps for you.

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