Credit Repair Company Unreliable for Fixing Credit

Credit Dispute Lawyer Warns Against Using Credit Repair Services

Los Angeles, CA: Lawyers in Consumer Action Law Group (CALG) are helping consumers fix their credit score and credit report by helping them write strong credit dispute letters and filing lawsuits against credit reporting agencies. Nowadays, credit repair companies are becoming less and less dependable as a reliable option for fixing credit reports, and consumers are learning how to dispute credit report errors themselves without using credit repair company services. However, some credit bureaus try to avoid dealing with consumers disputes, and that’s when credit dispute lawyers come in to file a possible lawsuit against them.

Consumers Dispute Credit Report without Credit Report Company’s Help

One of the best ways for consumers to dispute credit report errors without hiring a credit repair company is to write a dispute letter to the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The letter should contain a list of inaccuracies in the credit report, and it obligates the credit bureaus to investigate and fix the errors on the consumer’s credit report within 30 days. Financial Expert Dave Ramsey states, “I would NEVER use a credit cleanup company. The only things that you can remove from your credit report are inaccuracies.” Repairing one’s credit starts with the individual identifying errors on credit report, disputing those and if need be filing a lawsuit for the errors.

To ensure a credit report dispute is resolved within 30 days or less, it is important to include supporting documents along the dispute letter. Without sufficient documents, it might take the credit bureaus more time than necessary to investigate the issues in dispute. They can simply say that they did not receive enough information to consider the dispute worth investigating and refuse to correct the errors. However, If the credit bureaus do not properly respond (thoroughly read and investigate the dispute) to the credit dispute letter, consumers are able to file a lawsuit against them for not properly responding to the letter and correct inaccuracies in credit report.

The Fair Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA) disclosure entitles consumers to an annual free copy of their credit report from the three credit reporting agencies. Consumer Action Law Group’s FCRA lawyers fix credit report errors by helping them write a strong credit report dispute letter and file a lawsuit against credit bureaus, all without a credit repair company’s service.

Credit Repair Company Services are not Trustworthy

While not all credit report companies are deceitful, some do engage in unlawful practices. For example, a credit report company might correct some inaccuracies of a credit report but purposely not correct all of the errors. When consumers hire credit repair companies, they themselves do not check to see if there are any errors on their credit reports (that’s what they hire repair services for). Credit repair companies purposely leave some errors intact so that consumers will keep coming back to hire their services.

Consumer Action Law Group’s FCRA lawyers fix credit report errors by helping consumers write a strong credit report dispute letter that lists as many errors they can find and file a lawsuit against credit bureaus. Consumers seeking to fix their credit report errors or file suit against credit reporting agencies can reach Consumer Action Law Group at (818) 254-8413. Their lawyers give free consultation.

About Consumer Action Law Group of Panzarella, Gurevich & Rode, P.C: Consumer Action Law Group (hyperlink) is a law firm based in Los Angeles. The firm’s attorneys are dedicated to fighting for consumer rights. They are experienced in the following areas of practice: auto fraud, bankruptcy, car accident, credit report dispute (FCRA), employment law, mortgage fraud, surplus funds recovery, foreclosures, and TCPA violations.

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