Did You Paid More Than the Advertise Price for Your Car? You May Have a Case…

False price advertising by car dealerships is one of the most common auto fraud violations that our auto fraud attorneys see. Buyers get stuck paying more than the advertised price that can be found in online ads often, and it could cost them thousands of dollars. Not only is it illegal for the dealership to do this, but you as the buyer have rights to protect you from getting scammed. If you were sold a car at a price that was higher than what was advertised online, our auto attorneys can help you get your money back.

The truth is, that car dealerships willing to scam consumers in this fashion aren’t likely to be the good guys who will cancel the contract and give you a refund for the difference without a fight. Many dealers will simply tell customers that the contract has been signed, financing has been secured, and that there is nothing they can or will do for them. That’s simply not true. What they’re really trying to say is that they scammed you by selling you a car for more than the advertised price, and that unless you hire an auto fraud attorney, you won’t be seeing a penny being returned.

Our auto fraud attorneys sue car dealerships for fraud, including false advertising. We know how to get the best results for our clients quickly. We’ll analyze your scenario to find out what legal options you have, and how we can build a case against the dealership. Dealerships that sell cars for more than the price they advertise online often scam customers in other ways as well.

Have You Really Looked at Your Vehicle Sales Contract?

Dealerships have no shortage of ways to take money out of your pocket and put it into theirs. It could be $100 here and $225 there, but it certainly adds up when you’re making such a big purchase. In addition to selling you a car at a higher price than what they advertised online, they may have committed fraud in other ways as well. The truth is, our auto fraud attorneys rarely file lawsuits against dealerships for the reason our client originally called us.

For example, we receive calls from people who had the check engine light go right after they drive off the lot, but there isn’t any real problem with the car – and then we find out that the dealership advertised the car for much less online. Or somebody calls our office because of a problem with the advertised price, and through our research we also find out that the vehicle has frame damage. You get the idea. We do everything for our clients to find out if they have a legal case to sue the dealership in order to get them the results they’re after.

Find out if You Are a Victim of Auto Fraud Today

Rather than spending hours combing the internet for free information, call our firm for a free consultation. Not only are our consultations for auto fraud victims free, but if we determine that you have a strong case against the dealership – we offer retainer agreements on contingency. This means that there is a very low cost to you to start the process. Call us today to find out if you have a case.

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