Can You Sue Dealerships for False Advertising?

Did you find a used car advertised online at one price, only to find out that it was much more expensive once you drove down to the dealership? Or perhaps you had your eye set on a car that had certain features and specifications, but the auto dealer only had the basic model? These types of tactics are known as false advertising or bait & switch, and you can sue the dealer for these violations.

Deceptive or false advertising runs rampant with car dealerships, and the reason is because they work! Their goal is to get people onto their lot where they can use every sales trick in the book to get you to sign on the dotted line before leaving. Often times, consumers are tricked into purchasing a car that they didn’t even want. Our auto fraud attorneys have been helping consumers file lawsuits against these types of dealerships.

When we file a lawsuit against an auto dealership for false advertising, it’s typically because the buyer did not get what they were expecting based on an advertisement they saw before going in. The goal is to have the dealership take the car back, and reimburse the buyer and their down payment and any other payments that may have been made.

How to Determine if You Have a Case

All auto fraud attorneys will tell you that this area of practice relies heavily on documentation. Do you have the original ad where you first saw the car listed? If so, when combined with your auto sales contract, it can be easy to prove that you were a victim of false advertising by the dealership. Often times, the buyer doesn’t have a copy of the original ad from craigslist, autotrader, carmax, etc. where they first saw the car – but our firm works diligently to help you find that ad, and will access your case for any other potential violations.

If you think that you were scammed by a dealership with a false advertising claim, our auto fraud attorneys will offer you a free legal consultation. Our consultation objective is get a clear picture of your case, the violations, and your goals. All we need is some basic information, and copy of the pertinent documents in order to determine if we can sue the dealership on your behalf.

Speak with an Auto Fraud Attorney Today

Time is of the essence in auto fraud cases, so we want to hear from you today. Our friendly staff will help determine what information we need to help you with your case, and our auto fraud attorneys will provide a full assessment for your situation. Call us today for your free legal consultation.

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