Can the Dealership Cancel Your Contract?

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Yes, your car dealership has the option to cancel your contract on a used vehicle if they cannot find the financing they offered. In most cases, a dealership salesman will call you to renegotiate the contract and find financing for you through a different company, perhaps with different terms. If you decide that the new financing is not within the budget you expected, and no longer want the vehicle, the dealership can cancel the contract by giving you a full refund for any money that was paid.

Dealerships cancel contracts all the time, but consumers aren’t always aware of all of their rights. We’ve found that car dealers who offer amazing, too good to be true low finance rates often end up cancelling their sales contracts on used vehicles – which is totally legal, but many OTHER things that they do aren’t.

Our firm of Auto Fraud Attorneys offer free consultations to anyone who thinks that they may have been scammed by a dealership. Many times, we find that the dealership violated many different laws in the process of selling vehicles to our clients that they were unaware of. Because of this, we make sure to look for all potential instances of auto fraud with prospective clients.

Types of Auto Fraud Violations We Look For

There are many different potential Auto Fraud issues that we look into for people who call our law firm looking for help suing their car dealership. Below are a few or many that we look for in all cases.

Unreported Prior Accidents

Car not driving right? Is it pulling to one side or making weird sounds? Many times these issues are caused by prior accidents to the vehicle, which by law, the dealership must disclose to you as a buyer. Despite having access to Carfax and other vehicle history report tools, some dealerships still omit this fact when selling a customer a used vehicle.

Serious accidents can result in the vehicle having frame damage, which can not only effect the value of the car, but also compromise it’s safety.

The Car Was Previously Used as a Rental

“Yeah, you better give me the insurance because I’m going to beat the HELL out of this thing.” – Jerry Seinfeld.

Did the dealership forget to tell you that the car had previously been used as a rental? Having so many different drivers who simply don’t care about the long term condition of the car behind the wheel at some point typically doesn’t make for a car that you want to buy or own.

Bait & Switch

Did you first find your car in an ad online or in your local newspaper? Did the dealer try to sell you the car without all of the features listed in the ad? Dealership Bait & Switch tactics are illegal, and our attorneys can help you get the car you really want.

Odometer Fraud

Did you find out that the car you purchased had more miles on it then you thought? Some dealers have sold cars where the odometer has been tampered with to give the impression that the vehicle has less miles than it really does so that they can sell it for more money.

Fix Your Car Situation Today

Our lawyers deal specifically with car dealership cases, and will provide you with a free legal consultation to determine if you have a case. Even if the dealership just wants to cancel your contract due to financing issues, we will look into your situation to determine if legal action needs to be taken. Call us today.

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