Can the Dealership Add Fees to the Final Price of the Car?

Paying more than you expected for something is never good. When that “something” happens to be a car, overpaying could mean the difference of thousands of dollars. In some cases, buyers simply do not pay attention to the contract, and sign on the dotted line far too quickly, but what happens if the dealer adds fees to the price of the car without you knowing? You may be a victim of Auto Fraud, and have legal rights for compensation if the dealership added fees to the final price of your vehicle.

Yes, car contracts do typically have fees that will increase the price to higher than the amount listed on the window sticker, but not all are legal. The dealer has to disclose these fees to you, and let you know what they are for before signing your sales contract. When a dealer adds fees to the contract after the sale, they are committing fraud. If the terms are on your contract are not what you agreed to, speaking with an auto fraud attorney is a wise next step.

Some dealers will concede and quickly remove any additional fees to avoid lawsuits, but other have been known to fight consumers even when they are acting illegally. By filing a lawsuit against the dealership to get your money back, you increase your chances of getting the results you demand. Not taking action could cost you $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars.

Let’s See Your Contract

Auto fraud cases always come down to documentation. The hearsay of “he said / she said” simply doesn’t hold up in court. Our auto fraud attorneys will review your car sales contract and description of the events to determine if you have a case that we can accept. When you call us today, we will let you know where to send your documents so that we can determine if you can sue the dealership for adding fees on to the final contract price.

Many times, if a dealership is willing to do something as scammy as adding fees onto a contract after the fact, they may have committed fraud in other ways as well. We often find that individuals call our firm about one violation, but we end up filing a lawsuits that focus on other violations. We offer complete reviews to make sure that we get a full picture of your agreement with the dealership.

Sue the Car Dealer or Not to Sue

If our auto fraud attorneys find that you have strong case against your dealership for adding fees to the final price of your car, we will offer you a retainer agreement. Our retainer agreements for auto fraud are on contingency, meaning there is little cost to the client. Wonder how we make our money? We include our attorney’s fees in the lawsuit. This model gives our clients the confidence that we’re fighting as hard as possible to help them win the case.

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