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Problems associated with debts are overwhelming. Chances are, if you have received a Notice of Foreclosure from your lender, the pressure and anxiety you are experiencing are magnified. We can help if your home is in San Diego or Orange County, or anywhere in Southern California. At our law firm, we handle Foreclosure cases every day and we can give you peace of mind if you hire us.

At our law firm, a California foreclosure attorney with the knowledge and experience to handle questions about foreclosure and bankruptcy is ready to assist you. We apply an individualistic approach to resolve any of your foreclosure legal concerns. We make you sure that you can easily understand exactly what to expect in the process and in the event you decide to file for bankruptcy or file a lawsuit to stop the foreclosure. In a free call or meeting, we give you the best legal advice available in California.

If you have fallen behind on your home mortgage repayments, or you have been served with a notice of default by your lender, it is time to figure out the options available to you to fix your debt problems. Call our San Diego real estate lawyer to get a free consultation on foreclosure protection. If you live too far from our office to meet in person, we can still help. An email or fax containing copies of the relevant documents is all that is required to initiate court protection proceedings for you.

It is really important to understand the stages of San Diego foreclosures. The basic stages of mortgage foreclosures include notice of default, notice of trustee sale, and auction or foreclosure sale.

Notice of Default

The process of foreclosure starts with the lender’s notice of default. The notice must be given to the home owner and must be recorded in compliance with the California State Foreclosure Laws. A mortgage borrower and home owner has until five days before the foreclosure sale to catch up and become current on all mortgage payments so as to avoid foreclosure.

Notice of Trustee Sale

A notice of trustee sale sets up the auction date for the property and is sent three months after a notice of default has been recorded. A home owner is allowed to occupy the home during this period.

Auction or Foreclosure Sale

Twenty days after the filing of the notice of trustee sale an auction can legally take place. There are certain factors that can prevent a sale to be postponed for a period of up to one year. Once a property is sold either to the lender or a third party, the title gets transferred and the initial homeowner must vacate the home.

Our Orange County real estate lawyer is here to prevent you from being taken advantage by mortgage lender. If you are looking for a foreclosure attorney Orange County or a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer, our law firm is consumer friendly and we have been successful in our filings there. The foreclosure lawyers in our firm offer practical and personalized advice to homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Do not let distance from our office be an issue, contact us for a free case evaluation and we will help to save your home today.

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