Your Litigation Rights to Wrongful Foreclosure

A creditor may foreclose on your property if you have failed to make several payments on time. This is done so that the creditor can re-sell the property so that they can continue making money on their investment – your house. Mortgage lenders can legally foreclose on properties if they follow all of the right steps and timelines, but they don’t always do so. Borrowers rights in foreclosure are designed to protect homeowners from being forced out too quickly, or unjustly.

Searching to find out what rights borrowers have during the foreclosure process can be confusing. Finding state laws and statutes that apply specifically to your situation requires some knowledge of the law to determine where the research should begin. Our California mortgage attorneys know what borrowers rights can be used to delay, or even stop foreclosure on the owners behalf. As a borrower, you’re entitled to proper written notice from your creditor regarding the notice of default and trustee sale. You’re also entitled to clear communication with your lender during the foreclosure process. California laws also protect homeowners from foreclosure if they are in review for a loan modification.

Unfortunately, knowing your rights as a borrower in foreclosure isn’t the most important part of the process for homeowners. Knowing how to take legal action against your lender based on those rights in court to get the result you deserve is key. Our California Attorneys are familiar with all aspects of Real Estate Law, and focus on foreclosure Defense and mortgage litigation for our clients. We help our clients through thorough, assertive legal action to accomplish the goals of our clients.

How Long Until They Foreclose?

Most borrowers that call our firm looking for advice on their foreclosure situation are unsure of how long they have before foreclosure. Our attorneys will need to review your scenario, and learn more about any documents the lender has provided you regarding the status of your home loan. From there, we can determine how long you have until the foreclosure date, which tells us how quickly we need to act in order to stop the foreclosure.

We built this firm on helping consumers save their home from Foreclosure, and continue to be among the top attorneys in Los Angeles for mortgage litigation. Losing your home to foreclosure could be a major setback, and we will do everything in our power to prevent that from happening to you. Predatory lending is still prevalent, and if you believe that your creditor did something illegally during the foreclosure process, you may have a strong case to sue them in court.

Your Next Step

The truth is, you may not have a case – but the mortgage foreclosure attorney at Consumer Action Law Group will be able to help you determine whether or not you do. Our attorneys offer free consultations for borrowers facing foreclosure that need to exercise their rights. We can answer your questions and determine if you have a case over the phone or in person. Call us for immediate help.

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