How to Stop Wage Garnishment

Falling behind on bills can eventually lead to wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is when a creditor is able to automatically take money out of your paycheck from your employer. In some cases, this can account for a large percentage of your paycheck, making your other expenses, such as groceries and gas, impossible to manage. If you are facing a wage garnishment, and don’t have another source of income to make up for the difference, you may want to consider filing bankruptcy to stop wage garnishment.

Filing bankruptcy can stop your wage garnishment in many cases. Depending on the type of debt that you owe, there may be options that allow you to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in order to stop your wages from being garnished from your paycheck. There are some instances wherein bankruptcy cannot stop wage garnishment too, but our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys will be able to quickly tell you what options you have during your free consultation with our firm.

Many people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy to eliminate their debt and stop wage garnishments, but many still wonder if they should. We understand that filing bankruptcy is a very personal decision, and we never push for someone to file who isn’t ready. That being said, we will present the best options to you, and take you step by step through the process if you decide to file. Filing bankruptcy to stop wage garnishment has helped many get back on their feet and take a step closer to solid financial ground.

What Percentage of My Paycheck Can They Garnish?

Creditors can get up to 25% of your paycheck through wage garnishment. Having a quarter of your paycheck taken from you can instantly change your lifestyle, and prevent you from being able to take care of some essentials. If you are married, or have children, the repercussions could be even worse. While your overall income will determine exactly what percentage your creditor can take, any amount may be too much facing financial hardship.

When you call our law firm for your free consultation, our bankruptcy attorneys will help you determine if you should file bankruptcy to stop wage garnishment. We will discuss your current debt amount, the age of the debt, and any other potential debt that you may be trying to pay off or eliminate. Once we have a complete picture of your situation, we will help devise a strategic plan for moving forward that best fits your needs.

Speak With a Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Today is the day. Don’t wait any longer. Imagine how much better you will feel once you start receiving full, complete paychecks once again! Our bankruptcy attorneys for wage garnishment know how important it is to work quickly for our clients to get them the relief they need immediately. Call us today to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney for your free consultation.

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