Bait and Switch at the Dealership

If a car dealer advertises one price for a specific vehicle, and then asks another amount once you’re ready to make the purchase, it may be classified as “bait and switch.” Bait and Switch tactics have been used by salesmen for generations, and notoriously within the auto dealership industry. These types of tactics are not legal and under the bait and switch laws it is considered “auto fraud,” which is punishable by fines and damages.

Many times, the initial sales price of a new or used car is advertised by the dealership online or in the newspaper for thousands of dollars less than they ask when a potential buyer shows up in person. This type of bait & switch auto fraud is illegal, and we would highly recommend speaking with a trusted auto fraud attorney if you have been swindled into a higher price than originally advertised.

Using a lower price than what they will actually sell the vehicle is a tactic that dealerships have used to get potential customers on the lot for years. This is one of the many reasons why car salesmen have a bad reputation with consumers. Thankfully, our auto fraud attorney are helping bait and switch victims sue car dealerships in order to rectify the fraudulent practices.

Did this Happen to You?

If you bought a car for more than the originally advertised price, the first step is to speak to an auto fraud attorney who can access your situation to determine if you have a case. Our Los Angeles based Law Firm handles auto fraud cases of all types for clients throughout the state of California, and offer free legal consultations for all prospective clients.

Whether you’re a victim of bait and switch scam, illegal repossession, or auto loan fraud; our car attorneys can help you collect lost funds, and get into a vehicle that you can rely on. Our main goal is to make sure that you are driving a car that is safe for the right price.

Find an Auto Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

Bait and Switch tactics by car dealerships still happen, and probably will continue. Our job is to protect you, the consumer, from fraudulent car dealerships. If you think that you have been scammed by a bait and switch tactic or other fraudulent practice by an auto dealer, contact our law office today. We offer free legal consultations to determine if you have a case, and often take these cases on a contingency basis – meaning little upfront cost to the client.

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