We Sue Car Dealers for Backdating Contracts

Many clients have called and asked us if it is legal for car dealer to to backdate a contract? Backdating a contract or an agreement is illegal. Typically, contract backdating occurs when the auto dealership finds out that the original financing was not approved, requiring them to sign a new contract. The problem is that by not using the current date, you as the customer could get stuck paying more interest than you’re legally obligated to. The dealer finance department knows that backdating is illegal and can result in them being sued, but they continue to backdate contracts anyway.

Most smooth talking salesmen from the dealership have experience with convincing buyers to sign a backdating contract with many valid reasons to change the date. The best backdating reason is convince buyers that the new auto contract will be better for them in the long run. This is almost never the case. We recommend never to sign a backdating contract with the incorrect date on it, not matter what.

In general, backdating contracts is illegal, and the law doesn’t leave much grey area on the topic. The backdating contract laws are as black and white as the documents they govern. If you’ve signed a backdated contact with the dealership, you may want to contact our auto fraud attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our firm accepts all auto fraud cases on contingency, and can help you to cancel your fraudulent deal.

What You Should Do When Car Dealer Backdating Contract

If a dealership is willing to knowingly backdate your contract illegally, why wouldn’t they try to scam you out of money in other ways as well? We find that many of our auto fraud cases started with a phone call about one topic, and it lead to uncovering many other fraud violations in the contract as well. If the dealer backdated your contract, we want to make sure they didn’t misrepresent the vehicle in other ways to you as well. Frame damage, structural damage, previous accidents, overcharging on the price – are all ways that dealerships make more than their fair share.

We know how overwhelming it can be to buy a car from a dealership – they use every sales trick in the book to get your down payment in their pocket. This is why our auto fraud attorneys continue to fight for consumers that have been scammed by the dealer by backdated contracts or other illegal auto fraud violations. Our goal is to get you in the car that you want, at a fair price.

Speak to an Auto Fraud Attorney for Backdating Contract for FREE

If the dealership backdated your car contract, you should talk to  auto fraud attorney today. The sooner that legal action is taken on your behalf, the better. Not only do we offer free legal consultations, but we file the lawsuit on contingency. We look forward to speaking with you, learning about your situation, and helping you to determine if you have a case against the dealer.

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