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Most consumers are familiar with the term “Lemon Law,” but many still don’t know what Auto Fraud is, or that there are differences between the two. The basic rule of thumb is that Lemon Law primarily applies to new cars, while Auto Fraud typically refers to violations with used vehicles. While the violations may have some differences, the outcome is always the same – someone that bought a car is not getting their money’s worth, and the dealership is liable.

While our law firm does handle some lemon law cases, our focus when it comes to dealerships has always been Auto Fraud. Our Auto Fraud Law Firm is located in Los Angeles, and helps consumers throughout the state of California sue car dealers for illegal practices. These illegal violations are typically related to misrepresenting a vehicle, or failing to disclose material information about the car that effects the value and/or performance.

Misrepresentation often occurs when a dealership advertises a car for one price, or with certain features, but then charge more for the vehicle, or it does not have all the bells and whistles advertises. This is false advertising, and falls under the category of bait & switch – a classic dealer scam.

Disclosure violations often focus on previous accidents, frame damage, odometer fraud, vehicle usage or repairs. While a carfax report will often reveal these types of violations, not all dealerships offer this information when making the sale, which is illegal. Our Auto Fraud Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit against a dealer for price misrepresentation or disclosure violations if you bought the car in the state of California from a dealership.

To Sue, or Not to Sue…

Making the decision to sue the dealership is not always easy, as nobody purchases a car with the intent of having to file a lawsuit to get what they really paid for. We always suggest that you speak with the dealer directly to see if the issue can be resolved without auto fraud legal help. Unfortunately, if the dealer was unscrupulous enough to misrepresent the car before the sale, they probably aren’t going to just take it back and give you a new one without a fight. That’s where we come in.

Our Auto Fraud Law Firm offers free consultations for consumers in California that have been scammed by a dealership. Our attorneys will review your car sales contract, run vehicle history reports, and do a thorough review of your case. If your case is strong enough to file a lawsuit, we offer contingency retainers for legal services – very little money out of your pocket!

Time Is of the Essence

While the California Statue of limitations on Auto Fraud allows consumers to file a lawsuit even years after the purchase, it’s best to contact an attorney as soon as you realize the issue. The longer that you’re in possession of the vehicle, the harder it can be to prove some violations, so please call our Auto Fraud Law Firm today for your free consultation to get started.

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