Auto Dealer Fraud

Auto Dealerships have a variety of different sales tricks and tactics that they use to get you to buy a car off their lot at the highest price they can possibly charge. The truth is that many tactics they use to try to sell you a car are entirely legal, even though they might not be ethical. While many of their tricks may play within the lines, auto dealer fraud is on the rise, and could cost you thousands, or even 10’s of thousands of dollars.

The used car market has never been hotter. With cars lasting longer, there are more used vehicles on the road today than anytime before. Used car dealers are raking in the dough, and continue to grow their sales each quarter. Much of their business relies of instill confidence in the buyer that a used vehicle can still give them the same bang for their buck. To do this, they give the car a nice wash, interior detailing, a coat of wax and put a sticker price on the windshield. Many customers simply don’t know that they have to look further into that particular vehicle’s history.

The most common type of auto dealer fraud is when they don’t disclose material facts about the car. Was the car previously in an accident? Was the car used as a rental vehicle or taxi? Does the car have frame damage? These are all questions that should be asked by a buyer, but are often overlooked when all they can see is a shiny car that looks to be in perfect condition. Don’t be fooled.

What’s Under the Hood Could Cost You

You would be shocked at how many calls we receive from people who bought a car from a used dealership, only to start having engine problems as soon as they drive off the lot. While a used car is exactly that – used – the buyer still has the reasonable expectation that the car will work properly for a given period of time after the purchase. Often times, the dealer will offer to correct the issue, but do a shoddy job on repairs, which only provides temporary relief before the car starts having issues again.

Many issues stem from cars being in prior accidents that the dealer did not disclose. A bad accident can cripple a cars frame, totaling the vehicle and making it unsafe to drive. Because a car with frame / structure damage from an accident could make the vehicle dangerous, it is considered fraud for an auto dealer to sell a car like this without disclosing this information.

Want to Cancel the Contract?

The above examples of auto fraud are just the tip of the iceberg – and our attorneys have handled many different types of cases against dealerships for our clients. In most cases, the client is aiming to have the dealer take back the car, and return their money – basically cancelling the contract and undoing the deal. Our goal is to put you back in the position that you were in the day before you bought the vehicle – cash in pocket to take elsewhere to get a vehicle that is safe and properly represented.

If you think that you may be a victim of Auto Fraud, call our office today to speak with an auto lawyer who can help determine if you should sue the dealership. Call Now.

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