Attorney That Stop Home in Foreclosure

Many homeowners who have fallen behind on monthly mortgage payments are facing the possibility of losing their home, but there are often options to stop foreclosure that the public is unaware of. Here at Consumer Action Law Group, our attorney’s have been helping Californian’s stop foreclosure, and save their home from being sold at auction. It’s important to know that you can hire an attorney for foreclosure help, and that there are ways to keep your home.

The banking industry has gotten too big for it’s britches, and while they have been forced to pay billions of dollars for predatory lending practices, their business remains profitable. Truth be told, the banks make money after foreclosing on homeowners, which is why they continue to deny loan modifications in lieu of selling instead. In their haste, bank executives often overlook the state laws, and commit fraud on homeowners in the foreclosure process.

Having a foreclosure Attorney to handle your Foreclosure sale will allow you to have a clear picture of what to expect from the bank, and what steps need to be taken to save your home. Often times our clients enter into mortgage litigation, which is the act of suing the bank for illegal lending practices.

Should I Sue My Lender?

Deciding to file a lawsuit against your mortgage lender can be a big decision, and highly stressful for most homeowners. Many clients are curious if they can actually win a legal battle against a giant corporation with endlessly deep pockets. Our foreclosure attorneys have won mortgage litigation cases against every major lender, and have helped hundreds save their homes in the process. How did we beat these giants?

When a client hires an attorney for foreclosure assistance with our firm, we use every legal option to help reach their goals. Unlike many firms who can only present one or two options, we are able to provide an arsenal of strategies for filing lawsuits against lenders.

The California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights has given attorneys for foreclosure new causes of action to include in predatory lending lawsuits. Dual Tracking and not providing a single point of contact during the loan modification review process are just a couple of the many new laws that help us help our clients.

Speak to a Foreclosure Attorney in California

Foreclosure laws vary by state, so if you have received a letter of intent to foreclosure, notice of default or notice of trustee sale, you will want to speak to an attorney in California. Our firm offers free legal consultations for homeowners looking to stop foreclosure. Call today to speak with an attorney for foreclosure about your case!

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